Prescription Drug Nicknames & Street Names Quiz

Every generation has their slang, but the lingo today's teenagers use could mean something different than what you think. See if you know the common nicknames and street names for prescription drugs.

  • Each question can have up to 4 correct answers so select all answers you think are right
  • There are 10 questions and you will see your results at the end of the quiz

1. Xanax:

Bricks        Z-Crush        Benzos        Milky Way

2. Valium:

Fanz        Slow-24         Blues        Black Bombs

3. Ritalin:

Jif        Coach        R-ball        C02

4. Vicodin:

Pixels        White Wash        Watson-387        Duller

5. Adderall:

Hops        Christmas Trees        Double Trouble        Phyzz

6. Tylenol 3:

Jazzies        Schoolboy        Captain Cody        Pi3

7. Demerol & Darvon:

Merles        Dust        DD Punch        Vons

8. OxyContin, Percodan & Percocet:

OC        Cody        Cotton        Oxy

9. Durgesic, Actiq:

China Girl        Murder 8        Atomic Bomb        Black Dwarf

10. MS Contin, Avinza:

Vines        Ice        Miss Emma        X-Cons

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